I woke in the night and rose to meditate.  My life has been busier than I prefer and I could feel the weight in the bone dwelling over my eyes. I stayed with the weight, sensing and touching the seven bones that come together to surround and support the orbit of each eye.  

I knew there were seven but this morning I check their names.  What a list.

  • Frontal bone.
  • Zygomatic bone.
  • Maxillary bone.
  • Sphenoid bone.
  • Ethmoid bone.
  • Palatine bone.
  • Lacrimal bone.

Knowing those bones come together to protect each eye, I sense all that goes on between my ears. I cleanse in the abundance I am, and offer intention for abundance to swell through the world like waves.

There’s more than enough for all.

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