Years ago I was at a weekend retreat at Asilomar.

Wayne Muller spoke about his book Sabbath, about the importance of a day of rest.  He laughed because what the book encouraged he was unable to do because he used his day of rest to write the book.

I love it when there’s space to see what comes.  Yesterday, among other things, it was Rupert Spira who came my way.  I watched him on youtube and took in his message of love. We also enjoyed Chinese food for the Chinese New Year.  There was no plan, only reception, and in that, beauty and grace.

Many years ago, we bought what we called a dinosaur egg at an art show. It’s made of concrete and is huge. It’s graced our entry all these years holding a plant that has begun to overtake the house. Yesterday I removed the plant and lugged the egg outside. The entry is bare, open to space.

Dinosaur egg awaiting what now comes

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