How do we receive what surrounds us? 

I was out early this morning, 5:15, the world still dark, and yet in that darkness I felt awareness of what surrounds, and then when light comes I feel a different need to discern what impacts me now.

I was discussing seeing in the dark with my husband who used to navigate his mountain bike down Mount Tam in the dark.  How did he see? He looked up at the stars.

Where he could see the stars, he knew there was a path. Otherwise, the sky was clouded with trees.

I have a card here with words from one of my favorite books, The Little Prince.  “For some, who are travelers, the stars are guides.”

Of course, in the day, we have our sun, our bright star that ensures our living and growth.  At night, the stars are further away and yet we savor and twinkle in their light.

I’m more aware of light this time of year as I watch the exchange of light and dark, and see my plants respond to the longer days.  Looking within for images, I feel antennae reach to power, touch and stimulate what dreams.  

I’m reading The People of the Sea by David Thomson. It taps into my ancestral roots of people who may have believed we see and move between the veils, see and move where fairies dwell, and elves, and seals and people exchange land and sea.

Who knows what beckons now, this day, February 4th, as we open and widen the folds in the curtains separating light and dark?

Airing Out the Fairy Tale

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