Mrs. Terwilliger was a remarkable woman who led children in nature for most of her 97 years. President Ronald Reagan gave her the Outstanding Volunteer Award at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. where she unabashedly led him and other prominent attendees in her signature “V is for vulture” and “Straight out for a hawk”.

When my sons were young, I was a volunteer with the Terwilliger Nature Education Center which is now under the umbrella of Wildcare. I was the Site manager for Ring Mountain where we took 4th, 5th, and 6th graders out into nature to learn about how we honor and share the water, land, and air.

Barbara Elam made a video in 1985 and just made it available on Vimeo.

Though you might want to enjoy all of it, I show up at 13:44 to share the Oak Tree, a home and sanctuary on this mountain we love and preserve.

You can donate money to Wildcare, and more specifically to the Terwilliger Nature Education programs to directly immerse children in nature so what we need for creative living and joy is preserved.

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