Yesterday my daughter-in-law asked me why my third book was so different than the first two.  I answered that I didn’t want to write it and I had too many editors, too much outside input.  It doesn’t mean there isn’t value in the book for me and the reader, but I feel a fourth one brewing that will again return to the fullness of my own voice.

In the book “Airing Out the Fairy Tale”, I reveal that I was called to find my own ground, the ground of my birth, before culture and society put its stamp on me, and of course that stamp was how I took my environment in, but I needed to trek in a time period no longer available, and people felt I should share my experience since it was such an amazing and unique adventure and opportunity.  For me, it was a difficult and challenging time, and difficult and painful to go back to unravel, dissect, and reveal.

Yesterday spending time with my son, his wife, and their child, I felt again how we continue to learn.  This grandparenting is a letting go, a receiving of the new. I hope a fourth book comes my way but yesterday reminded me that it is to know and honor “enough” and to trust how the path reveals.


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