Today I hear, then see a Kestrel falcon, the hummingbird of the raptor family, the only one who can hover.  The sky is alive with flight.

This comes from M.C. Richard’s book, Centering in Pottery, Poetry, and the Person.

“The innerness of the so-called outer world is nowhere so evident as in the life of our body. The air we breathe one moment will be breathed by someone else the next and has been breathed by someone else before. We exist as respiring, pulsating organisms within a sea of life-serving beings.  As we become able to hold this more and more readily in our consciousness, we experience relatedness at an elemental level. We see that it is not a matter of trying to be related, but rather of living consciously into the actuality of being related. As we yield ourselves to the living presence of this relatedness, we find that life begins to possess an ease and a freedom and a naturalness that fill our hearts with joy.”

Rose in my Garden Today

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