The day springs with Light.  Birds are singing; buds are answering, and twigs are bending toward nests.   

Our debris box arrived today ready to be filled with what can’t be recycled or given away.  I’m enjoying looking at its welcoming presence. In this moment, that’s enough. I haven’t yet placed anything in it.  The passage over the threshold must be honored.  

We’ve done this twice before in our 42 years here, and each time it seems there’s no way the box can be filled, and the first item looks lost in the box, and then energy kicks in, energy of release, and one item reverently follows another, until the release is that of lemmings, and neighbors join in and the box fills to be carried away.  

My intention with this release and shift is to notice more clearly when I go through a doorway, when I pass from one room to another, when I walk down a hallway and see openings and choose where to enter and when to pass on by.

At my age, transition is more clear and precious.  I honor this day.

I have now moved into another of David Michie’s books.  This one is The Dalai Lama’s Cat and The Four Paws of Spirituality. I’m focused on this bodhicitta intention. 

May this act of kindness be a cause for me to attain complete and perfect enlightenment for the sake of all living beings.  

We’re not here just for ourselves.  We are One.  

Fragrance for birds, bees, trees, and me

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