My husband and I drove down the coast today to Monterey. We enjoyed breakfast in the tiny town of Pescadero.  It feels like a whole other world, so calm and quiet, with fear at rest.

The ocean, oh, my.  The beauty and sound of the ocean soothes.

I sit here now listening to the waves after watching otters and walking along enjoying the views.  The waves never stop; they keep coming, each one unique.  My brain aligns with their rhythm; all is well.

Last night we watched the movie The Two Popes.  I couldn’t recommend it more. It’s an examination of growth and learning, integration of human and spiritual, surrendering to a voice within that connects with what sparks, ignites, and connects us all. Immerse!

Steve and I knew we needed a reset.  This is it!

John Steinbeck

The Ocean Speaks and Soothes

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