Last night word in the “hood” was out.  At 8:00, go outside and howl, and people did, and it was lovely, lively, fun, and inspiring. We couldn’t see anyone. It was dark, but we’re not alone, and we live in community, and we love to howl.

Let your voice be heard in all its curves, high and low and in the cracks and through the seams. Howl! Be the wolf and the coyote. Get together, though not too close, and howl!

My husband and I are beginning to get on each other’s nerves.  Three meals together every day is lovely at first, and for a long time, but yesterday I found myself reading an article on how the astronauts on the space station deal with enclosure and isolation. They’re chosen for it and trained. They have tools, ways to release, though no one mentioned howling. I’m wondering if gravity affects the howl. It must join in as a companion when we howl on earth, I’m not sure how it reverberates in a container in space. Instead, writing poetry came up as a way to go within and release when confined.

My sage advice for today is write a poem and Howl.  Think of Allen Ginsberg and his poem “Howl”, and let go.  He had to grow and develop the breath to write and read those long lines. Do the same. Play with the length and strength of your breath. Be the Howl because it appears social isolation is here for awhile, and when, it’s over, imagine how much we’ll love to Hug, and place our voices together and dance knowing we’re in this together. We are one Tribe!

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