In Mill Valley, we howl at 8:00 each night.  Someone has designed 8 styles of t-shirts and we’re voting on which one represents us best.  

In the Castro area of San Francisco, a man plays the bagpipe each night from his roof.  His mother inspired the idea when she reminded him of the legend that the Pied Piper of Hamelin, a town in Germany, piped during the Black Plague to drive away plague-infested rats. 

We now have a yeast shortage because so many people are baking their own bread. 

What’s the San Francisco solution to a lack of yeast? Sourdough bread. It carried us through the Gold Rush.

A man in the Bernal Heights neighborhood in San Francisco has thumbtacked baggies of sourdough starter to a telephone pole. 

The attached sign reads: “FREE SOURDOUGH STARTER. His name is ‘Godrick.'”

I’ve now learned from a neighbor that it’s easy to start your own starter though it’s best to receive a well-used and aged gift. We humans are resourceful, and respond to a challenge, so here we are sheltered-in-place with time to think of how to give and share, and people are joyfully doing that.

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