Last night the sky cleared and I stood under the almost full Pink Moon, enchanted by the sparkling of Sirius, the Dog Star.  Outside in the night, I found it hard to comprehend all that is going on in the world today. Nature says, I’m here, and movement is happening as it has been since you were born, and before.

Two giant pandas have been living together in the Hong Kong zoo for 13 years but couldn’t get in the mood for greater intimacy, even though they were shown how-to movies. Now, with the zoo shuttered, courtship occurred, culminating in the desired result.   

It’s a big deal as female giant pandas are receptive and fertile for just 24 to 72 hours each year.  Now, the hope is that baby pandas are on their way, so it’s not another year before opportunity presents.  It’s clear now that pandas, like most, need privacy.

Enjoy the sky, both night and day, and give yourself privacy and space as you shelter-in-place.

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