I woke this morning feeling myself as a hovercraft floating over the waves.  I hopped out of bed excited to discover a new tool to inspire.  

I’ve been working with allowing my ups and downs to flow like the waves in the ocean, to go in and out with the tides, but today brings a new image with which to play. 

Enjoying flowing like a hovercraft, I realized I needed to refresh on the difference between a hovercraft and a hydrofoil.

Because a hovercraft uses a giant fan, it can travel on land or water.  Christopher Cockerell experimented with vacuum cleaner tubes, and empty cat food and coffee tins to discover that when he placed a small can inside a larger one, and blew air through the smaller one, it hovered above the bottom surface of the larger object.  He had a working prototype in 1955 and a patent in 1956.  

In 1988, we traveled with our children on a hovercraft from Calais, France to Dover, England.  That was before the Chunnel which opened in May of 1994. The opening of the Chunnel led to the last hovercraft crossing in 2000.  20 years ago – how can that be?

A few years ago, Steve and I sped back and forth on a hydrofoil from Hong Kong to Macau.  A hydrofoil boat uses an underwater wing to travel over the water. It skims the surface like a bird.  

Yesterday I admitted I was having a hard time with sheltering-in-place.  Because I have a beautiful place to be, and I’m an introvert, I felt I had no right to complain, and certainly complaining isn’t always helpful, but it’s important to feel what’s there and allow it to flow through. 

Confessing I was struggling freed something in me, for this moment anyway.  After all, I am a process, a verb, so who knows where and when I next swerve but for now, I’m lifting over the waves and floating on air.

That brings me to the movie Inside Out.  It might be a good time for each of us to watch this movie that explores our emotions, and how they come together, or don’t.  How do we balance what’s happening inside and out?

Here’s a trailer for it, and maybe that’s enough if you’d rather be enjoying the trees, birds, and moon both inside and out.


I thought the rain was over, but my husband was sitting outside in the dark this morning when he heard his friend skunk’s shuffle, and raccoons rumble, and then what sounded like elephants.  Rain. More rain.  

Enjoy and savor what comes, and if you need to rise about it for a moment, or two, fill yourself with air and float. Be buoyant in this song we dance with gravity and air.

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