It’s a day to celebrate spring, light, and resurrection.  The cells delight in opening, as though each is an egg with a chick now released,  pleased to chirp outside.  

I open to pages in a book of quotes from Charlotte Selver, my teacher of Sensory Awareness.

“In order to come to the true,

 we have to notice the untrue.”

Perhaps that’s what this virus is giving us, an opportunity to notice we are all connected, and currently there is disparity in the connection.   We strengthen when we recognize and honor the value of each person contributing to the whole.  

Charlotte also said: 

“There is no room any more for holding back, or

being lukewarm

or protecting against something which may not

at all exist now. 

And in case we actually need to protect ourselves now,

we can do it openly.

We can protect ourselves in freedom

instead of carrying all this constriction

which pretends to protect us.”

And, for me that’s what this time of year is about.  The bud opens and displays its petals for landing strips, invites birds and bees, and reproduces lavishly, and so may we each display our gifts and share, tossing our abundance generously into the world, today and everyday, like a bunny giving eggs.

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