I just Face Timed with my son, his wife, and grandchild.  Grandchild is on approach to six months,, and his smile and delight warm my heart and bring me to the sweetest of tears.

Yesterday was quite a day.  My son saw an article on the virus and how it might show up in the hands.  Steve has been dealing with the dermatologist for over a week over what looks like frostbite on his hands.  She thought it might be stress, as who doesn’t feel a bit stressed right now, but then yesterday an article passed through Kaiser from the Jerusalem Post, and it would appear Steve has the virus.  

We immediately divided the house in two although if he has it, then, I probably have it too, since we’ve literally been sheltered-in-place for over four weeks, and obviously together before that.

We are living in an “Is that so?” world.  We both feel great, and, there’s this odd little thing going on, and I really don’t know what to say other than that. Well, maybe, a little more.

My brother passed away a year ago today, and now Steve and I are living like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera though we don’t have a bridge between our two abodes.  We talk through doors.

Each moment, new, as we know, and lately moments seem a little newer than before.

A beautiful day to All, and here’s the moon this morning, divided in half, which fits the seen and unseen these days, as we navigate new paths.

The moon this morning from my deck as moon and I bond and revel in the singing of birds.

2 thoughts on “Is That So?

  1. Have not been commenting, but loving reading…however this one brings me to words of love and prayers for easy healing for Steve and perhaps immunity for both of you. It will be the new “super power”. Will keep you both high on my prayer list as I light the daily candle.


  2. Thank you! Tears! We both feel well, and I do think there is something about our age that meets what comes with the purest Grace. Thank you! I’m grateful!! Sweet tears all through all Being!!


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