I walk down to the marsh and sit by the bay.  The tide is going out and at first all is still except for the water, but then, a Great White Egret swings by, and then a Snowy Egret, followed by two ducks and butterflies.  I watch the banks of the marsh expose and wonder how many creatures are feeling their abodes open in new ways. I look for river otters but none are out today.  

Walking back, I see our fruit and vegetable stand is just opening so I buy some local honey and strawberries.

Eudora Welty wrote, “I am a writer who came of a sheltered life. A sheltered life can be a daring life as well. For all serious daring starts from within.”

And today Garrison Keillor writes that he checks the obituaries each day. He notes that Vince Lionti, 60, violist in the Met Opera orchestra for thirty years and conductor of the Westchester Youth Symphony, is listed. Keillor shares that “Lionti once said his greatest musical experience was conducting the symphony, 101 players, at a school for the deaf and the deaf kids sat on the stage amid the orchestra and laughed out loud as they felt Beethovenly vibrations”. 

We may feel confined right now; we may be confined, but our senses can stimulate and expand in a multitude of ways.

Open like the banks of the marsh at low tide.

The Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse Lives Here

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