There’s an important and inspiring article in the New Yorker this week written by Michael Specter on Anthony Fauci.  What an amazing human being and what an essential asset he has been, and continues to be.

Here’s a taste of who he is.   

“In 1954, he began attending Regis, a private Jesuit high school on the Upper East Side. Rigourous, small, competitive, and tuition-free, Regis is considered one of the finest all-male schools in the country. Fauci thrived there though the commute between Dyker Heights and Eighty-fourth and Madison was long.  He once estimated that he spent the equivalent of seventy days of his teen-age life on the various subways and busses he took to get to and from school.”

“Fauci revelled in the demanding coursework. “We took four years of Greek, four years of Latin, three years of French, ancient history, theology,” he recalled.”

“Last year, at a dinner that Regis held in his honor, he said that the school had taught him “to communicate scientific principles, or principles of basic and clinical research, without getting very profuse and off on tangents.”

It’s fascinating to read about his research and work with AIDS and infectious diseases. Other presidents listened to him and valued his advice.   You can read the whole article here.

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