I like to live and post positively so today I struggle with what to say.

Not to be irreverent but I just read a tweet from God.  “One treatment you might consider for COVID-19 is Amendment-25.”

I agree.  Either Trump is mentally ill or he wants us to set him free, or perhaps both.

Being released due to mental incapacity might save him from the trials and most likely jail that he will face if defeated in November.  

Nobody wants to imprison the mentally ill, and he continues to demonstrate that he is. His illness is dangerous to those who believe in and follow him.  

I love to sit outside with the stars at night. These last few nights I watch for meteors.  Even when I don’t see a meteor, I’m struck with awe at this wide expanse we share. 

Jane Hirshfield, one of my favorite poets, says, “My life has been tuned to making of myself a radar dish for the reception of epiphany. … Writing a poem for me is always the search for—large or small—epiphanic knowledge. If I can find in a poem that surprising realization which in any small way changes the molecules of my life into a broader knowledge or new perception, I’m a very happy writer that day. … A poem is a small machine for creation of a discovery. When I feel that sense of awe, I know I have a poem.”

I haven’t been able to write a poem lately but seeing Trump removed from office out of kindness for him and for us, would be an epiphany that seeds, heals, and broadens our perception like the wake of ducks in the bay.

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