I was looking forward to the end of shelter-in-place while also enjoying it, thinking this is quite nice, and then, when I learned it would be another month, I became a Grumpy Gus.  What?  Another month?  Hmmmm!

I understand the reasons and I have everything I need right here, and it’s a beautiful day.  

The words of The Doors come to mind.  “People are strange.”  Yes, that must be it.  We are strange. I wonder if contrariness has contributed to our survival.   Is there something in us that wants to say harumph, that enjoys the clenched fist and stamp of the foot?  Is that a survival technique, a mobilization of force?

You can’t push me over; I’m fierce.  

I just finished reading two books by Hendrik Groen, The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 83 and ¼ Years old, and then On the Bright Side, a continuation of the diary after a year has passed.  The books  are about life in a care home in Amsterdam, and the author says, “Not a sentence is lied, but not every word is true.’  Hendrik Groen is a pseudonym.

The books deal with serious issues, aging, loss of control, dementia, death, and yet, somehow they are so funny, touching, and sweet that I couldn’t stop reading, and am inspired.   Years dance before me; I am alive. 

A group of the more lively and rebellious in the care home form the Old But Not Dead Club.  One theme is that we need people around us, so it’s interesting to read in times where though we connect on-line, we aren’t in physical touch.

And as I type that, I take it back.  My fingers are on the keys; the keys bounce back.  I touch my hand, tummy, head.  Physicality is here.  Shared breath.  Rejoice.  This living tosses challenges to us, like wedding bouquets, and I know for some, the challenges are overwhelming and there is no track, and for others of us it’s the train we’re on.   


Unless we’re on a maglev train and then we’re propelled in a hover as we advance.

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