In 19th century novels, the weather often sets the mood, the tone, for the scene.  Perhaps that’s still true in books as it anchors our response to our natural surroundings.  Sometimes where I live the fog comes roaring in, but not today.  Today I rise and feel a difference in the air, a resting place, support. I walk out to see and feel soft fog resting on the ridge.

This morning I stayed in bed and gave myself time to sense what’s happening within.  There’s a lovely rhythm there, safety. My world is safe.  I’m surrounded with what I love, a gathering of gifts.

Yesterday I took this survey which takes only a few minutes.

It’s my teeny-tiny contribution to what’s going on.

Today I received an email where I checked how I am today: better, the same, or worse.  Of course, it only relates to the virus but part of me wants to go into more detail, to analyze how I am today, and I recognize this survey has a focus and a mission, and doesn’t need a broader analysis of the details of my life. Somehow though I want that, want some unseen force to listen. Hey, I’m here, and I’m not the same as I was yesterday, and I understand that’s not the point.

I answer that I’m fine, no symptoms, which is true.  All is the same, somewhat but there’s a stirring of curiosity as to how much more one might ask.  We’re still dealing with Steve’s hands.  Are they a symptom?  Next week our dermatologist will open her office to deal with those who can’t wait.  She’ll do a biopsy.  Meanwhile, I check the box on the survey.  All is fine, the same.

Today I read that during the campaign when Trump insulted and demeaned a war hero like John McCain and got away with it, it unleashed what we continue to see.  He has no reason to change, so people will die so we can have chicken, pork, and beef.  A leader would point out that eating vegetarian for this time period would help our health, the environment, and save lives.  Beans and rice make a complete protein, but no, money is made off factory produced meat, and that’s what matters more than people’s lives.

Anyway, I’m letting all of this dissipate as the fog seeps in even closer, a blanket inviting comfort, serenity, interiority, and rest.

Fog’s Gentle Nudge
Coming closer to enclose, and later lift

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