Sheltered-in-place, we’re offered an opportunity to evaluate what comes in as life begins to open with possibility.

What did we like about this time, dislike?

I feel myself balanced on a teeter-totter.  I haven’t felt well the last few days so I go back and forth.  Am I doing too much or not enough?  Do I need more physical activity or am I craving a mental challenge? What is this moment asking of me? What am I asking?

I feel  I’m dropped between two walls, unsure which one to climb, so maybe I’ll just push them both over and stand arms outstretched, and announce: I’m here.

I see how my six month old grandson loves to hold both arms out as though to embrace the whole wide world.  He’s whole in himself, whole in the world.  He reaches with his whole being for what he wants, and then, when he gets it, he might give it a toss.  No attachment, just exploration and curiosity, so this day, today, how do I balance my young and mature selves, and where do I reach?

I was up early, pruning and weeding.  I’m always surprised at how it looks like a reasonably small job but each cut and pull introduces whole new landscapes and views.  Who knows what’s there, so a one hour plan becomes three.

Today I saw two photos representing manipulation and point of view.  Both were of the same scene but the side angle showed people honoring social distancing and patiently waiting in line six feet apart.  A photo of the same scene, shot from the front, made it appear people were clustered together and anxiously pushing ahead to enter.   

How then do we look at and interpret our own lives?  Do we zoom in or use a wide angle lens?  Where do we stand?  Do we look out from within and embrace the world with arms outstretched and an open heart?  Sometimes, and other times like anemone at low tide, we close and rest.

Today I balance both as I cleanse and fluff my nest.  


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