I sit in my own little spaceship as I open my computer to news, exploration, inspiration, and travel of the day.  Talking to a friend this morning, I realized what I’m feeling is contentment.  I work in the yard, pluck a blueberry from a bush and fully taste, taste and savor the touch of the blueberry as it receives nourishment from the plant and pours it into me.

I’ve been questioning why I don’t seem goal-oriented these days.  I’ve never been particularly goal-oriented, but now there doesn’t seem to be a smidgen of anything pulling me forward.  I eat when I’m hungry, well, also when bored or depressed, and I sleep when tired.  Maybe that’s enough.

Today I’m with enough.

I’m also with a practice of Frank Ostaseski, who wrote The Five Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully.

To help us with upheaval and change, Frank is sharing a practice he’s using all day long.  He pauses and places both hands on his chest. 

He feels the contact, feels breath, and says: “I choose love.” 

My friend also pointed out we seem to be hearing more birds singing.  Well, that’s true until this Monday when construction and chain-sawing returned, but yes.  She wonders if we’re hearing more singing because the birds can hear their singing in the silence, and are announcing more jubilantly their place in the world and sharing it with their friends.

Peace! Love! Choice!

Wind Chimes

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