Today I began reading Rescuing Ladybugs: Inspirational Encounters with Animals That Changed the World by Jennifer Skiff.

I was feeling a little glum when I began.  I’d been to my local grocery store at 7:oo for Senior Hour and there were only a few customers in the store, all wearing masks, and carefully, mindfully, and somewhat furtively scurrying around.  There’s still no flour and very little pasta but certainly there’s plenty of food, more than one might imagine when one stops to think about any reality other than the one we were living in. 

Because I’m so rarely out though, it’s an adjustment to see so few cars out on the road. It’s a shock.

I read that social isolation will continue where I live, and I agree with that even though it’s hard not to see my grandchild and hug and kiss him.  I appreciate Facetime but it’s not quite the same, and yet I’m grateful that I can easily shelter-in-place as can my family and friends.

I honor the adjustment required when something this huge and still not understood has been unleashed.

This book gives concrete examples of how rescue and change are possible.  Empathy, memory, compassion, and possibly telepathy are shared among all creatures.  We can save ourselves, and the world, and together we will and are. I trust this to be so.

Egret crossing the road. Photo by Elaine Chan-Scherer

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