The full moon is an orange globe in the sky tonight.  It’s been an unusual Fourth of July as one person tries to divide what can’t be divided.  People are coming together to heal.

This is a beautiful homage to Frederick Douglass.

I believe we are coming together to listen more fully to the wounds of people in this country, in the world, and in that, we can begin to heal.

My 8 month old grandson is on a backpacking trip in Yosemite.  My son sent a video of him standing, well, with help, with his feet in sand by a stream.  Then, his feet are dipped into the water.

I watch and feel my own feet in the stream, a cold stream, yes, and our blood is warm as we come together knowing we can’t step in the same stream twice, and the stream is flowing taking hatred and division to the sea. 

We’ve now entered the second half of this year. A friend shares how since we can’t touch to hug, she spreads her arms wide and reveals and opens her heart, and offers a wider, more generous and all-inclusive hug.

May our hugs embrace us all as the moon rises in the sky bringing the morning sun.


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