I was in a dentist’s chair for almost four hours yesterday.  I won’t go into detail, but I still feel shaky at having the hands of two people plus a drill in my mouth.  

I think of the bones in our skull, and how they’re meant to rock and rotate in a soothing rhythm, and mine now feel a bit out of tune.  I’m trying to re-focus my eyes on in and out, and a world bigger than a tiny room, a dentist, an assistant, and me.

That brings me to the news.  Enough said there, but PG&E, our local gas and electric company  now says they will be randomly turning off power in our area because of the fire danger.  Today, we have two different estimators coming out to give us the cost of installing a generator.  Steve works from home these days and he needs the power on.

Life used to seem easier.  Is that simply nostalgia?

Meanwhile my spider friend, now named Charlotte by a human friend, is busy.

She’s involved with the vine, yes, but also, has produced artwork all the way up and down the line.  She’s a tiny little thing, with an array of goodies caught to eat.  She doesn’t seem worried about her refrigerator being turned off, and so far no message to save Wilber, the pig, though we don’t have a pig, so maybe her message is larger.  Let’s save the world, and bring together the lines and designs of the web.

A few lines of her artwork spun both day and night
An Engineering Feat
She has now eaten the morning goodies and is resting where I don’t see her. A well-deserved rest.
Jasmine twining up the line that holds her various habitations. Amazing to see and admire!

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