This morning I’m entranced with the smell of a gardenia I picked last night.  I go outside in the fog and exult in plants grateful for moisture, shared.

I’m perfecting a ginger brownie recipe, so a batch last night, pretty good, and a new one waiting to be cut, hopefully an even more perfect combination of butter, chocolate, fresh ginger, and such.

The news is mind-boggling, like being inside a pinball machine, so I nourish outside, pruning, weeding, watering, seeing how we rise, branch, and give.

I eat red plums from one tree, and yellow from another, both sweet!!

My mother passed away in 2005.  If she were alive today, she’d be 93.  Perhaps that’s why the day feels so sweet.  Love was her Light!

Gardenia creamed scent

Twine and chime the wind and air

The upper garden today

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