A few years ago I had some little plants planted that were meant to spread but for some reason each stayed compact in its spot.  Then, I fertilized with kelp and “ocean gold” and now there’s some teeny-tiny flowers and a reaching out.

It has me thinking about stimulation, the balance there.  I seem reasonably content in my abode so how much outside stimulation do I need?  Do I need to apply kelp and ocean gold to my roots or sit content in my isolation which includes books, plants, Zoom, Facetime, a husband, and two cats?

One son and his wife want the family to start planning a trip to Hawaii for Christmas.  That would be delightful, obviously, but I, usually an optimist, don’t see an end to this shelter-in-place.  I find myself in a place of discontent with the stirring of maybe I should be reaching out.  Oh, my, that word “should”, and yet, my solitary little plants are beginning to spread, so slowly I honor the reach of my branches, slowly I trust what comes, and release on what I can’t control, even as I trust the touch of my rootedness from love that unbounds.  

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