The last two days we’ve had major tree trimming which opens the view and brings in the light.  It also means watering plants that were protected from the sun.   In addition we’re doing a major garage clean-out.  We’ll have drywall installed, and the whole garage painted white instead of the color of umber it’s been the 42 years we’ve lived here.   Change.  Energy.  It’s a feel, and needed right now to handle the political shenanigans and distractions of the one I will not name.  

Meanwhile our friend Hawk sits in the tree and watches it all.  

Today I’ll be out fertilizing and comforting all plants.  The cats have been traumatized by all the activity but are now happily sleeping, and my sacrum area, oh, my.  My sacrum area is certainly awake to all the bending, lifting, and carrying.  It lifts like a bow and shoots arrows of gratitude to connect the rays of prayer.

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