I’ve been working with dropping awareness often held in my mind into my heart. 

Yesterday I sat, paused, and felt my thoughts drop into my heart as though my heart was a washing machine and my thoughts were spinning slower and slower until they stopped, cleansed, and dissolved.

Perhaps this image came because my washing machine is broken and I’m washing clothes by hand which reminds me of washing clothes in a stream and rubbing them against rocks. I like the idea of communal washing in streams.

We’re living in challenging times.  So much that was hidden is now exposed.

Yesterday former first lady Michelle Obama said that racial inequality amid the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic has left her feeling that she has “some form of low-grade depression”.

She said that watching the hypocrisy of this administration is “dispiriting”. I find that helpful as I’ve been struggling to understand this weight I’ve been dragging around.

 I understand life comes to us as we perceive it, so perceiving from and with the heart is a way to cultivate new living in my being, trust.  I do that now, listen, receive.

What can I release? 

The wonderful poet William Stafford rose early each morning to write a poem.  He wrote a poem each day.  When asked how he could possibly write a poem each day, he said he lowered his standard.

Today I lower whatever standard I may have created, some false god or idol of some idea of “perfection”. I sense from and with the heart that surrounds.

I know I’m enough, just as I am, this moment, this day, this stepping in and out of time.

This is a beautiful immersion in the art of making a teapot, a focusing energy in form.

How do we form our clay and make room for air?

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