When I came to Rosen Method Bodywork, I learned that the body doesn’t lie. That was such a relief to me.  Breath flowed through the truth of that.  There’s nowhere to hide, no need.

Of course, there may be layers sitting on top of that truth which is why we study the breath, the bridge between the conscious and the unconscious.

On day 24 of my 30 day study with Adyashanti, he speaks of telling the truth and how that opens up new pathways of reception leading to awakening.  The most important piece is to tell the truth to ourselves, to listen to our own truth.  We open the senses and listen within.  The organism is intelligent.  Tune in!

I woke this morning thinking about corners, corners in my home, corners in myself.  Is a corner a place where energy is stuck or a place where walls meet to make a whole, to create this enclosure in which I live?   What dwells there?

The air is hazy with smoke this morning.  Because there are so many wildfires in the Bay area right now, they’ve stopped naming each one.  Three separate areas have fires named “Lightning Complex.” I walk outside. There’s ash on the tables. I think of all that’s burning up right now, imagining the phoenix that rises with each breath, each day.

I appreciate the Democrats and what they’re bringing together at the convention this week. It’s essential.  One thing I note that I haven’t heard mentioned is the subject of climate change, and maybe that’s because it’s obvious.  In the past, October was a dangerous fire month where I live.  Now, we are in August and I have an evacuation bag packed, and two carriers for our kitties in case there is enough warning to get into our car and drive somewhere else.  Other times of the year, we deal with the rising tides, and whether the roads that lead to the freeway will be underwater as each year the tides become more of an issue.

All of this is to say it’s essential to stay awake to change even as we soar in gratitude for all that’s here and for the confluence that’s the Democratic party right now.  

Now I’ll listen to Adya’s Day 25: Energetically Leading with the Heart. 

Complexity in Flow

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