My friend Terry is currently evacuated from her home in Loma Mar.  Another is evacuated from her home in Guerneville.  What can be done?

Terry works with the microorganisms in the soil.  Years ago, she was on a Vision Quest and the message she received was that her work is to speak for those who don’t have voices we understand. She’s been doing that ever since.  

This morning she tells me to Google Walter Jenhe so I do.  I share a three minute taste of him and his message which moves into a two hour one.  I’m only part-way through that.

Terry says: Our job as humans is to understand the systems that make the earth habitable.  A big one is the water cycle.  The water cycle is created and kept in balance by plants and the microbial community supporting the plants.  The microbial community is part of the plants digestive and immune system. Just like us.   Cutting the forest turns us to desertification which means worse conditions for life on earth.   We have ignored the services the natural world provides.  We need to understand and work with it.  The earth needs healing from our neglect and it can be done.  We just need to trust, educate and support.

This is a labor of love for humanity.  Much better than war.  Let’s put all our resources towards rebuilding and maintaining a natural ecosystem.  We are one with nature.

On day 27 of my time with Adyashanti, I’m advised to seek to understand before I seek to be understood.

Today I listen to the earth, the earth within, and the earth on which I live. I seek to understand.

Visualize space within ourselves and within the soil.

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