I wake this morning thinking of us all like Superman ripping off our ordinary clothes to display a huge L on our chest for Love.  I see our pumping hearts, pumping our path as we meet adversity and pain, always knowing the undercurrent of Love that carries us along.

I’ve been reading about the importance of sitting by a river, being with its movement, honoring beginning and movement to fall into a wider oceanic embrace.

I’m with these words of Sonia Sotomayor: 

But experience has taught me that you cannot value dreams according to the odds of their coming true.” 

Ah, and so I check in with my heart to know what to do.

This article by Helen Macdonald shows how we can follow the example of swifts to handle the challenges in our lives.  

Swifts have, of late, become my fable of community, teaching us about how to make right decisions in the face of oncoming bad weather. They aren’t always cresting the atmospheric boundary layer at dizzying heights; most of the time they are living below it in thick and complicated air. That’s where they feed and mate and bathe and drink and are. But to find out about the important things that will affect their lives, they must go higher to survey the wider scene, and there communicate with others about the larger forces impinging on their realm.

You can read the whole article here:


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