Years ago I heard Fred Luskin speak of The Forgiveness Practice.  It formed when involved in a research project at Stanford, he noticed how people came into work complaining about one or two drivers who had cut them off on the road. He said but look at all the drivers who didn’t cut you off, who came together in an amazing flow so you traveled safely from here to there.  

In these tumultuous times, the words of Alexander Pope keep coming to me: To err is human, to forgive divine.  

When we return to some sense of normalcy with the election of Joe Biden, forgiveness will be even more needed than it is now.

If you want to indulge in a fun read, go for Alexander Pope’s poem The Rape of the Lock, or maybe just read an analysis of it.  The absurdity has stayed with me since I studied it in college 52 years ago. (a note on aging – I first posted this as 32 years which clearly doesn’t make sense, so as part of aging, I’m losing my ability to know the year. I did the math as though it was the year 2000, and there I might say, “if only”).

It’s Labor Day weekend. Unions were formed to honor a need for rest and a nurturing of humanity. Let’s rest in changing the world to what we know is true.

Fred Luskin can be viewed on youtube, but here’s a restful way to move at your own pace through forgiveness to gratitude to Love. 

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