My driver’s license is up for renewal and because I’m now over 70, I need to go in for a written test.  I’ve taken the on-line ones, and feel primed, so today is the day.  I go on-line to make an appointment.  I see that because of covid, I have a one year extension and can’t make an appointment online.  Hmmm!  Why not put it off until the new year?  It works for me. 

Today I’m entranced with the Diving Bell Spider that breathes underwater by capturing a bubble of air.

I’m in awe!

Martin Buber, a religious philosopher, wrote that “Play is the cultivation of the possible.”

I wonder if long ago spiders were playing and wondered, “what if?” and so now they inhabit another place to be.  Where now might I cultivate expanded ways to be and breathe?  

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