The tributes to Ruth Bader Ginsberg inspire and warm the heart.

Turning the channel, I’m with this week’s New Yorker magazine and “One-Star Yelp Reviews of Heaven” by Jay Martel.

Inspired by a one-star Yelp review of the Eiffel Tower, “Too much steel,” he took a critic’s eye-view of heaven.

“I feel kinda bad about the one star, but I guess it was just way overhyped to me, and when I got here I took one look at the clouds and the angels and everyone in white gowns and thought, “Really?”  It’s such a cliche.”

“Not a fan of the pearly-white color scheme.”

“I really wanted condor wings.”

“Smaller than I imagined. Also bigger than I imagined.”

And so may you adjust your lens so today and every day is a five star, or ten star, or many constellations and galaxies of a day.

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