I wake to the smell of smoke in the air and check the news.  Yes, the Glass Fire is raging forcing evacuations.  The sky is gray with smoke and my eyes are burning, so again, we close up the house and turn on our air purifiers grateful we’re able to do so.

I finished Cave in the Snow and I’m with how we may not be able to isolate in a cave but there are many mindfulness practices to invite during the day.  One is allowing a half-smile for three breaths.  Just that, and repeat.  I find it amazing what a soft lift of my lips can do to my mood and system and awareness of the world I’m in.  

Today I’m guided by words from Pema Chodron: It is only to the degree that we become willing to face our own feelings that we can really help others. So we make a commitment that for the rest of our lives, we’ll train in freeing ourselves from the tyranny of our own reactivity, our own survival mechanisms, our own propensities to be hooked.

The sky Friday evening

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