I’m going through journals of the past.  The air has cleared, and temperatures have dropped.  I closed windows and doors last night and added an extra blanket to our bed.  What a shift.  

In 1993, Jon Carroll published a column on his daughter who was a trapeze artist.

He wrote: “The wonderful lesson of trapeze is that if you pay attention, if you stay within the timing of the moment, if you consider that every dead spot is just the place where you start to do your trick …, well, then you can learn how to fly.”  His daughter said, “Once you get the timing down, anybody could do the tricks.”  “Timing is more important than strength.”

I sit with that today as we’re knocked back and forth like billiard balls by the latest from the Trump campaign, and what members of the White House staff are calling the “Rose Garden Massacre”.  

I loved seeing the decreasing moon in the sky this morning.

Change is a given, like timing.

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