October is the birth month of my son, grandson, and myself.  I view it as a month of serenity, of the last month in the womb I’m currently in before the emergence of a new space in which to learn and grow.

I haven’t posted the last few days because I’m trying to balance on the lies that are spewed and reported, and the ethics and truth in which I was raised, and in which I believe.

I know truth can be complex.  I don’t believe in black and white, but, in this case, obvious, hurtful, dangerous, painful lies, it’s hard to balance on the bedrock I build within.

I understand that he who will not be named was bullied as a child and that he was raised to cheat and thinks that those who don’t cheat are stupid or flawed, that they don’t know how to play the game, how to beat the system. I send kindness his way, understanding we were raised differently, and still there is pain.

The election comes, and it won’t solve all the problems that are being created by a man who deserves to be, and is struggling to stay out of jail but I find it hard to watch and see.

On the other hand, I rise in the dark, and walk outside and see stars.  I lift there.

Children won’t be trick-or-treating this year, but in my sons’ neighborhoods, people are still decorating.  My son says people are out and about more than ever walking around.  Children can wear their costumes, and maybe it shouldn’t be about candy.  Maybe it never was. When I grew up, it was trick for treat, and we would practice our poem, rhyme, or joke for days before we went out. It was an opportunity to perform, to give something back. This year, it will be about connection, about moving around the neighborhood seeing creativity displayed.

My one year old grandchild will go as a bear.  His father has a shirt of the CA flag that’s missing the bear, so he will carry the Little Guy in its place.

Maybe that’s what’s needed this year, living examples of what’s been lost, and carried in and on our heart like the masks, in our care for others and ourselves, we wear. Let’s restore the innocence and love we’re created to share.  

In Denmark, children are taught empathy in and out of school.  May our new president be the example we want to see in the world, both small and large, and may we come together knowing we share a planet where each of us needs to feel safe and cared for as together we lift our eyes to other planets and galaxies of stars.

It’s been still here and warm. I hear the night creatures rumbling about but last night the wind blew in, and I felt as though I was on a ship, moving through and carried on the waves, as of course we always are, sailing on the winds of love, connection, beauty, trust, and grace.

The living bear on the flag though currently not wearing his furry ears

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