This is a special day for me, though I was dismissing it thinking I’m rather old to be celebrating another year but then, well wishes come, and I open like a fan, even more grateful for life, family and friends.

I’m re-reading This is Happiness by Niall Williams, reading more slowly now, appreciating the poetry and space within the time period and the words.  I feel my brain expand, especially the right side. It’s as though I’d let the political news close me down, and now I can open to the breath and fresh air Joe Biden represents. I breathe more fully into my own creativity and the knowing and shared acknowledgment of what is right, and what is wrong.  

May we now come to calm, as I celebrate my day, well, two days, as family comes tomorrow, and I reflect back on the gifts of my life as they stack up like blocks on which to stand and view what comes in loving waves.  May we gather in the collective light of peace, growth, healing, and ease.

Harvest Time at Filoli Gardens

2 thoughts on “Harvesting Light

  1. My public wish of birthday blessings upon you, Dearest Cathy, purveyor of much wisdom and insight and love.





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