My family gathered together yesterday and I’m feeling loved and tender. 

Watching a one year old is quite a stretch as though you might think you imagine life from a lower level, and place everything you perceive as dangerous out of the way, and up high, you can’t begin to encompass what they see and explore. Yesterday I wasn’t prepared to see Keo climb up, into and through the curved row of rosemary. Clearly he was enchanted with the texture, mystery, hidden places, blue flowers,  and pungency of the smell. 

 In his exploration, he discovered a solar light which he seemed determined to figure out how to take apart.  He allows me to feel and see how much I miss, how much is here to explore.

That leads me to this trailer for the documentary “My Octopus Teacher”.  I will watch the film, though my teacher is near at hand in a child.

I’m also with these words that begin the book This is Happiness by Niall Williams.  They help me navigate the political situation and the restrictions of the pandemic as life continues with people both sick and well.

From Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes

All these squalls to which we have  been subjected are signs that the weather will soon improve and things will go well for us, because it is not possible for the bad or the good to endure forever, and from this it follows that since the bad has lasted so long, the good is close at hand.

Enjoy navigating new worlds as you and they unfold!

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