It’s a full blue moon tonight, which means the second full moon in October.  Nature is giving us extra treats.  Fall is continuing to give us beautiful, sunny days where I live perhaps to counter the political news.

Mirabai writes: 

I know a cure for sadness:

Let your hands touch something that

makes your eyes


That should be easy today as we light candles and find creative ways to offer candy to ghosts, goblins, and witches as they come by.

Even so, I’m with these words: The usefulness of a cup is in its emptiness.

I find myself setting extra intention to empty, and air the space in breath and head as so much pours in.  Perhaps it’s why we carve pumpkins this time of year.  I keep reading that writing haiku is a way to deal with the current stress, but perhaps a knife inserted into pumpkin flesh helps too.

The coyotes around here are howling with the moon.  Tonight, let’s all howl too!!   

My friend Elaine saw dolphins at Tennessee Valley yesterday.  Joy is everywhere.  

Photo by Elaine Chan-Scherer yesterday at Tennessee Valley Beach

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