Today I was on a Sensory Awareness call led by Miren Salmeron in Spain.  She leads and guides us in opening to, accessing, and knowing The Living Treasure of Being.  

I’m with these words of Goethe: When the healthy nature of man works as a whole, when he feels himself in the world as though in a great, beautiful, worthy, and precious whole, when his harmonious sense of well-being imparts to him a pure, free delight, then the universe, if it could experience itself, would, as having achieved its goal, exults with joy and marvels at the pinnacle of its own becoming and being.

Miren began with inviting us to visualize the waves of the ocean, and I felt how yes, the waves are part of a whole, and then, they fall into sand or rock, all so alive and vibrant in transition and change.

I was centered in and filled with an image of white light and the words of William Blake came to me: “Colours are the wounds of light “. 

I thought of how in the United States, we are so divided into red and blue right now.  I want to come together as white light.

Today, November 1st, the veil between the living and the dead is said to be thin.  We can invite them in, those who’ve passed before us, and be calm and embraced in wider presence and reception.

Today I learned a supportive way to watch the election results on November 3rd. 

Check it out as it might be a healing and expansive way to embrace and release what comes. 

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