This morning my husband woke me to share about Rick Reilly and his book and talk on our Commander-in-Cheat.

When I rose from bed, I sat on a little stool placed next to the bed, placed so “Little Sweetie”, also known as Bella, can more easily get up on the bed.  She used to hop up on the roof from the deck railing.  Now, she needs a little help.

I sat there feeling into myself, wondering why anyone would want to cheat, and remembered a Sensory Session with Michael Atkinson on Saturday.   The sessions are on Zoom and free these days.

Michael spoke of being in a class Charlotte Selver was leading.  They’d been passing rocks back and forth within the class, and when they paused, one man, an extremely wealthy man, was weeping.  Charlotte asked if he wanted to share.  He said no one had ever given him anything before.

I remembered being in a class with Charlotte in Barra, Mexico, and a variety of rocks was spread out on the veranda floor.  One rock was huge and heavy but a small woman picked it up and carried it around.  She would not share that rock, would not pass it to another person in exchange for a different rock.

She shared that she had a problem with attachment, was still holding on to her ex-husband and a marriage that was over.  She needed to hold and carry that rock.  She knew what it meant and still couldn’t let it go.  

Often in a Sensory Awareness class we become attached to the rock we’ve chosen or been given to work with.  We see and feel its subtleties, its uniqueness.  There’s no other rock like this, and it’s true. There is no other rock like the one we’re holding, and then, passing along.  Just like each one of us, it’s unique.

It may sound silly but it’s amazing what you can feel when you spend time with one rock, and then, exchange.

In a workshop, we walk around the room, and when it feels right, and we meet another, we look into their eyes, and they into ours, and then we give them our rock, and receive their rock.  It’s a careful, mindful, touching exchange.

These are treasures we pass, but they are more than that.  They are how we give and receive.

Because the classes are now on Zoom, we are usually alone.  This Saturday we came to the screen with a rock we could hold in our hand. After coming to better know the rock, one we may have spent time with before, we passed our rock from one hand to the other.  We did this many times, in different ways.  Sometimes we dropped it and other times we let it fall from the tips of our fingers. 

I felt how giving and receiving are one.

The session has stayed with me.  I notice how now I come to my keyboard as though to a piano.  I’m sensitive from fingertips to toes, from front to back, and side to side.

There’s a Sensory Awareness retreat offered on-line this weekend.  It’s free and from 9 to 12 Pacific time on Saturday and Sunday.  Four phenomenal leaders will lead.  I suggest you check it out. It may change your life. It changed mine when I came to it in 1993. It affirmed what I knew in my core.

Check it out!

And here’s the link to Rick Reilly on the “Commander-in-Cheat”. It helps explain what we’re dealing with now, and why we must let him know, he’s seen for the cheat he is, and tell him it’s time to go.


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