When I see it’s November 20, I feel the holidays begin, that slide into celebration which will be more quiet this year.  I’ve never been the raucous sort, but Thanksgiving day will be Steve and me cooking our favorite turkey delights. We’ll see other gatherings on computers and other devices.

I’m not quite sure why this day, November 20, strokes and strikes me so, but it does.  The light is soft, and trees are radiant with red and gold.  Leaves fall like snowflakes and birds twitter with joy.

Trump is holding on, and he will go.   He and his daughter will be indicted for state crimes.  He has to face reality or destroy a nation that affects the world.  I saw a Star Trek episode where a petulant alien with the emotional capacity of an un-nurtured child was threatening to destroy the world, and we see that now.  For many of us, Trump’s behavior is alien to how we were raised.

I trust we will survive this, as we become even more aware of the preciousness of shared breath.

A neighbor of my grandson re-arranges hundreds of rubber duckies each day to deliver a message. Wednesday was “Believe”. This is only a portion of the display.

What Ducks Say

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