Yesterday Miren Salmeron led a workshop on Sensory Awareness.  Her intention was to explore the words of Pema Chodron: Peace and War begin in our hearts.

She led us to our navel, the place where we received nourishment in the womb.  I saw myself tethered in space like an astronaut, tethered to a wider world, receiving nourishment.  We speak of landing somewhere, and I felt myself as land and sea, as my own earth floating in a wider space.

I felt my heart held by my lungs, my heart nourished and supported as it rests on my diaphragm like a bird on a branch.

I felt my back open up, and even now there’s transparency, translucence.  

What does this mean for my life?  I’ll see what comes but in this moment gentleness comes to my lips and jaw, softness.  I see the day come to light.

Yesterday I watched the light on the yellow leaves of the tree. This morning a different sense of light as it touches my skin and eyes, and massages my ears, nose, and feet.

Morning Sky
What Comes Through?

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