Though the fog was thick this morning, a white wrap, I could hear birds tweeting welcoming spring.  I looked down off the deck and saw my Camellia beginning to bloom.  I startled a squirrel as I scampered downstairs for a picture and the squirrel climbed up and through the trees.

Then, the fog began to clear and another tree revealed.  

A friend recommended the book The Power of Focusing by Ann Weiser Cornell.  I’ve felt a bit adrift, so sat down and asked myself “What is the block?”  I’ve been wanting to go through journals of the past, and yet I don’t.  The answer came from within, an invitation. I rose and went downstairs, and am now ensconced in a treasure trove. 

Gratitude sweeps through, gratitude for invitation and embrace.  

Seeing Beyond
Opening Scent
Spiders web the landscape –

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