I love the image of my life as moving in a spiral like the formation of a Nautilus shell, or like the labyrinths I love to walk where I move in and out to get to the center but today I come to Guy Davenport, the author of The Geography of the Imagination.  

History is not linear; it is the rings of growth in a tree.

This works for me as I resonate to trees.

Many of us are now enthralled with the octopus after reading The Soul of an Octopus and watching “My Octopus Teacher”.

Now I learn that the octopus and the nautilus have three hearts.  Imagine that!  Maybe that’s what this country needs to visualize as it turns from egocentric theft to love, empathy, compassion and care for all.

Low tide at the marsh outside my doctor’s office yesterday
Berries for birds
Morning Dew

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