In 2005, when I met with the oncologist and was given the odds on why I should do chemotherapy and radiation, in the percentages was my chance of being hit by a bus.

Last night Steve and I both got a text that the vaccine was available for over 65 in our county.  Immediately we clicked on the link which of course was already over-loaded as we weren’t the only ones getting the text but Steve walked away from his computer and when he returned he got an appointment at 1:00 today.

Well now I was really determined – click – click – click – fill out a form – everything booked – come back Thursday but then somehow I did get through and an array of openings was before me.  I took the first one available – 8:36 on Wednesday morning.

My adrenalin was on high alert.  I felt like it was a matter of life and death, and in some weird way, it was, and in another, every moment is a matter of life and death.

How do I forget?   I never thought I’d be so excited to get a shot.  The kitties felt the excitement in the air and so we danced around, and they got extra nighttime treats.

It’s an odd world we share, one of such connection, care, gratitude, and Love.  This vaccine is developed and people are distributing it, and today and tomorrow are very special days for Steve and me, as is every day of course.

Here’s Thich Nhat Hanh:

I saw a car from New York with a bumper sticker, “Let peace begin with me.” That’s correct. And let me begin with peace. That is also correct.

Patterns in rocks and sand – so much to see –

2 thoughts on “Relief

  1. Congrats on your appointments! When I made ours I was amazed that we finally got on the list. The actual appointment was great – lots of friendly folks, organized, the jab was almost anti-climatic, but the relief that we were taking steps away from the brink of pandemic was blissful.

    I love your blogs – thank you!!

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    1. Cydney, Thank you!! Our county seems to be the last in the Bay area to open up. Part of it is we have a huge percentage of elders, and they weren’t getting enough vaccines, but I’m guessing the article on Alameda County perked things up as here we are, very happy indeed. I hadn’t expected it to be such a relief and thrill. Wow! Yes, bliss!! Thank you on the blog. It gives me support and is my way to connect!!


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