I’m awake with waves of gratitude.  My mother passed away on this date in 2005.  I’m grateful to be her daughter, raised in such love and grace.

I’m also grateful for the vaccine.  Yesterday was quite an experience as I drove to the Civic Center in a line of cars with my ID and appointment time checked multiple times.  I stood in a line that wove back and forth like at Disneyland, and yet, all worked like clockwork, as people are vaccinated with no sense of rush and a clarity of purpose.  A young man, Adrian, vaccinated me.  A park ranger set up my next appointment.  The county has called in all available workers to help with getting the vaccine to as many people as possible.  We live in community.

I did have a reaction.  I realize I had the virus and fought it off in the spring.  My husband was exposed on February 3rd when he flew back from New York.  For him, it resulted in covid fingers, and though he never tested positive, his doctor was sure he had it just not in the respiratory system.  At the time, I could feel the symptoms so I paid extra attention to my lungs, and used sensing and the sun and rest to send the virus on its way.

I did that yesterday and now this morning I’m grateful to feel somewhat “back” but actually “back” differently as all of this brings a deeper awareness of connectivity.  My breath is yours, and yours is mine.  We share a world.

I’m not proud that I rejoiced when I heard Rush Limbaugh died.  The damage he has done is incomparable.  It’s not just him, of course, but he was a major force and we suffer from the lies he spouted, the hate and division he sowed.  The people in Texas suffer today.

I just finished reading The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula le Guin.  I’ve read it many times before and each time I receive it a little differently.  This time I’m with the message of hope, the message that we each can go within to find and nourish our own knowing and connection. We each peel the onion of our lives, as we open to the soil in which we grow, the soil we share. Breathing in and out, circulating air and water, purpose and growth, we nourish on Love.

One son and his wife have been on the list for a rescue greyhound.  They lost their beloved Senna last year, and now, a little girl greyhound rescued from Florida is in Denver, and on her way to them.  We hope she arrives the Saturday after this.  What a gift!  Gifts abound!

I close with words from Albert Einstein: 

Death really means nothing because the “distinction between past, present and

future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion. The universe is a great thought,

expressing itself in energy and matter, ceaselessly changing places.

The Civic Center and Mt. Tam as I walked out after receiving the vaccine.
Bark of a tree opening space
This morning!
The glow of a new day

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