Last night I watched the movie Nomadland.  It’s available at  You can sign up for a free month and then unsubscribe if it doesn’t appeal to you to stay.  They offer a variety of movies and shows, but nothing really appealed to me so I signed up for the night and then unsubscribed.  

I then started reading the book by Jessica Bradler that inspired the movie:  Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-first century.

It’s riveting.  

After the first housing crisis, a friend of mine lost her house and bought a van and fixed it up.  Her work involved travel and she created a mobile home.  One week I flew into Phoenix and she picked me up, and we camped on BLM land and stayed in a few campsites.  Her place was small so I slept in a tent outside.  I learned how to negotiate the traveling life.

The last night I sprang for a hotel so I’d have a shower for the plane ride home out of Albuquerque.  A shower was lovely, of course, but the trip being outside cities in nature was exquisite.  

The land – the beauty – at one point, there was a problem with the engine, and we hung out in a teeny-tiny town and got to know the men who fixed her car.  It helped to understand different viewpoints.  

Of course it was the best weather time, early October, and we traveled easily amidst incredible beauty through Arizona and New Mexico.   One day, as in Nepal where I spent the day watching a river, I did that here too, just sat and watched birds sweep by along the river’s flow.

I recommend the movie and the book.  It’s inspiring to see creativity in action and to  know there are options.  It also shows we need to expand our safety net and work conditions.

Frances McDormand plays Fern but many of the people are from the book.  If you’re curious check out Bob’s website:

We know people who are doing this.  They have jobs but can’t afford housing in our area.  They’ve chosen what enriches their life.  Perhaps it’s necessity that brings a person to it, but there’s also something in being outside to see the sun rise and set.   As we know and continue to learn, it’s about how we meet what comes. Necessity is the mother of invention, and may it be necessity that leads us to provide for every single one of us. We all deserve to be cared for, honored, and respected for what we offer and are able to do.

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