Michael Atkinson led sensory awareness yesterday on Zoom and I and others were deeply affected.  I believe his intention was expansiveness and connecting with and extending what we might perceive of as boundaries.  We began holding a blanket in one hand, two hands, hands extended palms up, and I felt how when my feet fully feel and connect with the ground, the blanket is light and connection is effortless.  He spoke of movement as gesture, gesture for in and the world, gesture in and for ourselves.  Play with it.  I was up in the night playing with movement as gesture and what that does to head, mouth, ears, eyes, and my connection with a wider world.  Perhaps you needed to be there, or perhaps not, but see what that one word – gesture does for you today as you celebrate an irrational number that goes on and on circling and enlivening our nights and days.

I’ve never seen a square rock so round your corners today and sing of circles

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